USB condom, why it is necessary for our smartphone?

usb condom
USB Condom

Today, the term USB condom has become a hot topic. Since many people do not have sufficient knowledge about it so, they think that this is the kind of protection that is used during physical intercourse. Still, others believe it is a technology-related device. Many people are curious about this device. So let’s find out what a USB condom device is and how it works?

What is a USB condom and why it is necessary for our smartphone?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. When we get out of the house, we have to take our smartphone with us. So many times we have to use public chargers at the train station or bus stand because there is no charge on the phone. But the problem is, we do not worry about the danger. You might also be a little surprised at the thought of why using public chargers would be a danger. You may not know that using public chargers can lead to all data on your phone to hackers.

We currently carry out money transactions on our mobile phone. Besides, We use online banking through smartphones to buy various items online. That is, we have essential data on our phones that are very private, which cannot be shared with anyone else. But suppose for some reason what happens if all this essential data goes into someone else’s hands? All of this sounds very intimidating. However, there is no cause for fear.

usb condom

A data blocker has been published in the market to prevent user’s data-stealing from their mobiles from public or private places. It is now known to many as a USB condom. It was built only to protect smartphones or special items. USB condom protects your smartphone from the juice jacking attack. Juice jacking is a type of cyber attack where malware is installed on your mobile device through a public USB port. This way, your personal information gets hacked when malware is installed on the smartphone while using public chargers.

How does this device work?

USB condom looks like small adapters. It contains both the input and output ports. These adapters are capable of providing mobile charging only. They are unable to exchange data. This way, this small device protects the essential data that your phone has.

Do we all need this device?

I hope you all understand the importance of this device in our life. However, not all of us need this device. It is an essential device for those who love to travel because no reliable mobile charging source is available to them. In that case, it is necessary to protect the data contained on their smartphones. It is also especially necessary for employees who use various public chargers on the streets. But if you avoid public chargers, this is not the thing you need.

Best features of USB Condom:

  1. You can keep your phone out of harmful viruses or malware.
  2. When using public charging services, you can avoid data theft.
  3. The device is tiny so that you can carry it anywhere.
  4. In addition to data protection, this device offers fast charging also.
  5. Very Reasonable in Price.

How is a USB condom used on the phone?

Answer: USB condom is like a small USB adapter। It has two separate sources of input and output। That is, the phone is first connected to this condom with the help of a cable, then connect the condom with another wire to the USB port।

Price in the market

You have to spend about $ 10 to buy a USB condom in the US market, which is equally Rs 714 in Indian money. The USB condom is so small in size that you can carry it anywhere. It is available in the Indian market between Rs 500 to 1000 rupees. You can easily find the device in various online shopping sites like Amazon Flipkart.

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