Psychological fact of loneliness symptom and feeling

Pic Credit: Sasha Freemind

Loneliness doesn’t depend on the number of relationships and friendship you have. Studies shows that more than 60% of lonely people are married. This usually happens because people tend to hide things from their spouse or just hesitate to share their feelings and thoughts for some reasons. However, this should not be the case. It might create a difference between the couple and could have a negative impact on their relationship. Physcologist have proved that the feeling of loneliness and not communicating it with the partner can distort our perception of relationship and can affect us personally.

It not only hinders our relationship but it can also have an adverse effect on our physical health. It can lower your body temperature, increase the blood pressure due to fluctuations in heart rate or eveb palpitation. One might even suffer panic attack which can reduce the flow of blood towards heart resulting into irregular heartbeats. If not taken seriously, it cam lead to heart disease or stroke and people are more likely to suffer from dementia or even face depression.

A person can feel lonely for various reasons, it can be due to imbalance with our partners or due to emotional disconnect with the society or simply because we may not be sure of our purpose of life. But the effects of this feeling can be dangerous far more than the feeling itself. Hence, it is very important to get hold of your feelings before it’s too late.

You might be wondering how can I hold my feelings? Well, to be honest, you need to elate your feelings. The moment you start feeling low, do things that you like. Discover some new hobby or enroll for that course you always wanted to do. Travel! Get to know new people, new places, new culture. Fill your mind with the amazing experiences. Read a book that you purchased a year back. Go for the lame movies or for those hilarious standup comedy. As humor always enlightens our mood. Treat yourself with fashionable outfits and delicious food. Watch the sunset across the beach. Try camping or fishing. Adopt a new hobby. Go all artistic and showcase your creativity. But most importantly write down your gratitudes. Pray God and thank him for the wonderful gifts of life that he has given you. Meet friends with whom you have spend some Wonderful time.

Research says friendship reduces stress, helps fight depression, and boosts the levels of brain chemical endorphin which are stronger than morphine.

In few countries like Denmark, they organize events where people come together and celebrate their meals and spend some time with each other to fight against loneliness and depression.

You may be having many friends in your social circles and groups but if you do not find anyone with whom who you can connect deeply mentally or emotionally; you are bound to feel lonely even in the crowd. So meet new people, bond with people with whom you connect the most. But majorly, Treat yourself!

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