Health and fitness go hand in hand for maintaining a proper functioning body. A healthy body system can perform activities that require physical abilities without being restless or tired. The probability of falling ill is minimized and medical treatment is not required. But, everybody is so occupied with their hectic routine and daily activities that physical fitness can become difficult to maintain and a balanced diet is a battle with little to no success. The opposite circumstance takes place because of which an individual has no other way but to get admitted to the hospital or consult a doctor’s treatment. In the time span when medical consultation is taken, a person loses on their work or other priorities. So, to be able to justify their absence, they issue the medical fitness certificate from their respective doctor. Other than participation and achievement certificate, there is another kind of certificate that assesses the physical well being of an individual which is the medical fitness certificate. It is the approval of a doctor or a physician declaring an individual to be healthy and fit after the medical treatment that took a specified time from work.



The medical fitness certificate is generally required during employee
selection, justification of absenteeism in school or workplace, etc. It is assessed during recruitment (before handing the offer letter) to know the medical history and background of the candidate to make sure he is still not suffering from any disease that could interfere with their work. The five criteria that are examined are the determination of work’s capacity, worker’s risk in relation to the workplace, ethical and legal criteria. The medical fitness certificate is a symbol that the individual should be given some kind of consideration for attendance, selection, etc. The medical fitness certificate pays attention to any allergy or extra medicinal dose that is needed to be taken by the person. Moreover, it takes into the record any major disease that an individual faces which can arise anywhere.


In the desperation to get that attendance to prevent failing, to get the job by hook or crook, individuals tend to make the medical fitness certificate themselves and sign it creating a false affidavit. If not done by them, they easily request their family doctor for their signature making this medical fitness certificate easily accessible. Due to this faulty practice taking place in every workspace, those in need of the additional equipment are misunderstood. The medical fitness certificate that mentions the requirement of disabled parking may not be taken seriously as there would be suspicion about the truth of that statement. It may state the recovery of the person within a week but, an individual has a tendency to arbitrarily force the doctor to mention more days as he wants to enjoy some time home. The medical group undertakes a standard and long procedure before handing over the medical fitness certificate which is eye, heart, breathing examination to declare the individual ‘fit’ but, this procedure doesn’t seem to be followed. The procedure would not only be costly but time-consuming and to escape from this ‘troublesome’ procedure, people avoid all of the examinations. Falsifying these medical fitness certificates is a major fraud. It can lead to legal and health consequences. When a student’s forms this document, it is considered as misconduct leading to even suspension. In the workplace, an employee can be on the verge of being fired.


To be able to judge the medical certificate as valid, the following points MUST be present on the document:-

  • The name and address of the Doctor, school administrator or employer
  • The specific period of resting and treatment that was needed by the patient
  • Date when the certificate was issued
  • The signature of the doctor along with the name of his clinic

Barring the defective methods taken up by people, the main motive behind the fitness assessment is completely defeated. The test makes people recognize their current fitness levels and marks the areas which need immediate attention. Due to the attitude of ignorance, there is no comparison or progress being measured over time instead, the problem becomes worse day by day. By the state of denial, an individual only harms themselves and nobody else. A legal medical fitness certificate should be approached more seriously as well as should be understood by people as just a helping tool. A proper document would just lead to workplace modification to improve or adjust the working conditions. The little scientific evidence based on empirical data, should not be seen as an advantage by people to present fraud documents. Unfortunately, people have not been able to handle their desperation and are indulging in this activity and therefore, the professional medical system should form a
standard or valid methodological process for all professions and
circumstances to verify the medical fitness certificate.


During employee selection for a job opening, the importance given to the resume and the interview the same amount should be given while handling
the medical fitness certificate of the candidate. A professional and certified
medical department should be present in the workplace wherein medical
checkups happen every month including all proper examination of eyes, teeth, heart, etc. In school, even though the medical examinations happen, due to a large number of students that are needed to be handled, the work is done at a faster pace leading to a high possibility of mistakes.
After realizing the reality, the decision should be immediately taken to get a
valid and legal medical fitness certificate. If an individual has taken holiday for reasons other than a medical issue, he/she should be honest enough to confess to it and find ways to be able to cover up on those days. Or they can simply request to their seniors for a few days leave for the reasons they deserve. One lie would lead to several others making people doubt your honesty and when caught, it can lead to embarrassment, breaking of trust and further consequence making you regret your decision. If others are doing so, you don’t need to follow their footstep instead, you can decide to walk on your own path.

Don’t do anything illegal as you never know when it could become a habit
leading you nowhere else but the prison.


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