Go Healthy, Go Low Carb Pasta!

Low Carb Pasta


Foodies like me are always on an expedition to find out what the market has in store for me. The most haunting part of any diet plan is low carb intake. Pasta being my all-time favorite meal, I would rather find a low carb pasta which is high in nutritional value and minimal on carbs. So, for such health-conscious foodies hunting for healthy pasta options, it becomes essential to either choose an alternative that would go hand in hand with their diet plan or cut short on other items that would interfere with the sole purpose of having yummy food with low carbohydrates. Choosing an alternative would always be a favorable choice. Isn’t it?



    Spaghetti was a kind of pasta that works along with sauces and toppings. The preparation of spaghetti requires boiling along with the preparation of sauce wanted. It is a pasta that can be easily had as a heavy-duty meal. A person does not only benefit from spaghetti as dinner party meals but has its good nutritional values as well which are the following:-
    Flour is a source of carbohydrates which works as a powerful fuel for
    supplying energy to the human body. Spaghetti is all about flour that is mixed with water.
    A dietary source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber can be easily obtained when whole wheat pasta is created. Fibers such as calcium and iron are obtained which plays the function of blood sugar regulation, digestion and immunity building.
    Nutrients such as potassium and magnesium are added which regulates fluid balance, muscle contraction, and nerve signals
    low carb pasta
    Macaroni is a pasta that gets along well with cheese and dairy products. Knowing the benefits of dairy products, Macaroni solely has many nutritional benefits which are:-
    Easily obtained carbohydrates provide energy to the body to allow it to carry out daily functions without any tiredness or exhaustion.
    The Red blood cells grow in number leading to more hemoglobin in the body courtesy the intake of Macaroni pasta.
    For effective functioning of stomach digestive fluids, Macaroni pasta can be considered as it allows the expulsion of waste components.

    Small pouches of pasta with filling inside served along with sauce make a mouthwatering dish. Ravioli is the small-sized pasta with not only bust of flavors but also, the intake of many health benefits.
    According to medical experts, ravioli comes as a good fighter of cancer.
    The pasta carries protein which is essential for building muscles and their repair too. It provides certainty for the good functioning of certain hormones.
  4. PENNE

    A commonly used pasta, penne is the tube-shaped type of pasta that has diagonal cuts at both ends. The pasta is required to be made properly with equal thickness and ideal shape. Along with its delicious taste comes the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin B high intake.
    Glucose is needed for brain and muscle development and functioning. This can be obtained from the whole grain penne pasta.

    A quirky shaped pasta, this kind is special as it goes only with few sauces and toppings. After mastering its taste of the sauce along with its quantity, it would be the next recipe for a balanced diet. Among the carbohydrates and fiber available in all kinds, Farfalle is rich in folic acid that is essential for women. Low sodium and cholesterol-free are found in the pasta. Low sodium allows less weakening of the human body.


    After regular intake of the healthy meal, foodies see no other pasta other than their low carb healthy pasta. They tend to prioritize low carb pasta recipes over the regular pasta dishes. Having a healthy dish almost every week, their body still remains alive and kicking.
    Due to the addition of supplements, there would be plentiful vegetables modifying the traditional dish. The food becomes more appetizing and appealing courtesy, more color added to the entire dish as well.
    A dish made for all family members needs to fulfill everybody’s nutritional demands. A Family consists of children, parents, and elders with their own health requirements. These needs can be fulfilled by the addition of food ingredients creating a complete nutritional and satisfying meal of the day for everybody.


A dietician would always suggest a plan containing less than 150g of carbs per day. Maintaining carb intake to such a less amount is very difficult. And this is where the low carb items play an important role.

Pasta is one of my favorite dishes. I mean, who doesn’t like pasta? In fact, pasta is one of the most loved food items in the world! Though its roots lie deep in Italy – the birthplace, America initiated the process of formation of the first-ever ‘NATIONAL PASTA ASSOCIATION‘. It’s taste, no doubt soothes every taste bud but the only horrifying part of pasta is that it would shoot your carb intake to such an extent that your diet plan would fail miserably. This is the prime reason why most of the diet-conscious foodies keep away from pasta.

Well, what if I say that you could have pasta without compromising on your diet plan? Would you ever agree? It seems impractical, right? Surprisingly, it is actually possible to have a planned meal on a low carb pasta! The Low Carb Pasta comes in as the savior for such health-conscious foodies. You would be shocked to know that a low carb pasta, in fact, tastes better than the traditional pasta! The low carb pasta sauce is tastier, delicious and of course, healthier in taste than the general pasta.


If you are under the impression that a typical low carb pasta recipe isn’t your cup of tea, then you might be wrong. The process of cooking a delicious low carb pasta remains the same. The only considerable change in the low carb pasta recipe is that the ingredients get substituted with other healthy alternatives.

The alternatives available instead of wheat are the following:-

  • With the help of a fork, the squash can be collectively cooked and after its proper cooking which would be evident by its shiny yellow-orange flesh, a fork can be taken to separate each string. The strings obtained resemble spaghetti noodles. Due to its appetizing look, children would not resist having this healthy option.
  • The egg planted vegetables can be easily added to enhance the flavor and nutrient value of the lasagna. The thin slices of the eggplant can be roasted and placed on each layer of lasagna. This alternative would be much more healthy than plain flour pasta sheets.
  • A protein-rich finish to your pasta is no other than, the tiny sprouts. Sprouts are nutritious seeds that can be used in plenty of ways such as salad, yogurt and in many dishes. Not only nutritional but also, it allows easy digestion process in the body.

The common value amongst the mentioned alternative is the low carb they all contain. These can be used in the low carb pasta sauce. Being veggies, these ingredients make the low carb pasta cooking speedier. Which becomes yet another add-on when we talk of the benefits of a low carb pasta. Along with these ingredients, your low carb pasta recipe might contain customized additives like extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, fresh cream, and basil as well. Another interesting thing in the low carb pasta recipe is that these ingredients are easily available in the market and if needed, one can easily make them at home instead of depending on ready-made and instant pasta alternatives. For example, while going in for spaghetti low carb pasta, one can boil it or slice it and then microwave it. This helps is the separation of the spaghetti into strings. In the case of the cauliflower low carb pasta substitute, one needs to grate them into small pieces having size not more than that of rice. Similarly, low carb pasta having sprouts undergo boiling and eggplant low carb pasta is preferably made by slicing the eggplant into sheets or strips. These processes need no professional approach and hence even for a beginner like me, low carb pasta recipe seems like a cakewalk. So, when you can cook these low carb pasta types efficiently at home, you have both a healthy and hygienic dining experience in one go. 


As discussed above, the first and foremost step in the making of a low carb pasta is the choice of ingredients. But is this sufficient to have a fully healthy low carb pasta? Am I done achieving my requirement as yet? Definitely not! Using low carb pasta sauce becomes a necessity while making any of the above delicious low carb pasta dishes. So, even if you follow all the precautions but forget using a low carb pasta sauce, be lest assured that your low carb diet plan would get hampered miserably. You might use the best of the brands of spaghetti and seaweed pasta or buy the costliest of cauliflowers and eggplants but if your seasoning doesn’t fall under the ‘low carb pasta sauce‘ category, the pasta won’t prove beneficial and your purpose would not get served. By now, you might be possibly wondering whether going in for a low carb pasta sauce would make the dish less tasty. If this is the case, don’t get panicked. Opting for sauces having cream, butter or cheese, you can easily have a low carb pasta without sacrificing on the flavor. Considering the nutritional value, the quality of the low carb pasta won’t get affected until and unless these add-on’s like cheese are used in excess. What is even merrier is that even these low carb pasta sauces can be made at home and preserved for future use. So, you can have a peanut sauce or an alfredo, or rather the Carbonara low carb pasta sauce made under your supervision. You can make it tangy, sweet, or spicy depending on your choices.


I would rather want the readers to think out of the box and come up with different varieties of low carb pasta recipes themselves. It can be a great welcome dish for the guests as well. So go healthy and have a delicious low carb pasta. Might be you get a better addiction to live for!


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