How to act positively in the worst situation

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Just as our mobile phone and laptop have standard-setting or configurations of the display, screen brightness, wallpaper, icon size and so on, we can change it but if we don’t then it will take standard-setting and work accordingly. Similarly, our brains have a default setting which always attracts us towards negativity which dominates feelings of worry, anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, overthinking and similar negative feelings. Due to such negative feelings we often end up ruining our relationship with a person whom we love the most. Now, you might be thinking, “It is simple to change settings in mobile phones and laptops but with the human brain, how we can change it?”

Let me discuss with you an article which I read a few weeks back about multi-billion dollar company Hindalco Industries whose CEO is Aditya Birla.

One of his senior executives made a mistake due to which the company lost millions of dollars. Any leader would have fired him after this mistake which caused millions of dollars to the organization. But Aditya Birla chose a different way. He took a meeting with the executive and before meeting him, he noted down the “Points which were in favor of the employee” . He made the list of all of his achievements and hard work because of which company made millions of dollars. Birla shifts his attention to employee’s achievements which benefitted the company before making any decision.

One important thing which I learned from this article is while taking any decision especially when your mind is full of negative thoughts and anger, take a pen and start writing down your gratitudes. This will help you to make decisions with a stable mind. Just by focusing on Negativity, a person can only destroy his relationship, but with a positive attitude, he can take decisions that will be beneficial to all. Always approach your problems with a positive attitude and you will find even the largest problems are just simple to solve.

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