Google Site Kit

Now get accurate understanding of how people reach to your website.
Google has introduce WordPress plugin “SITE KIT”, with the help of it now it is easy to improve and earn revenue through your content.
This new WordPress plugin “SITE KIT” will make it easy to organize and arrange key google products at one place which can help you to get more accurate towards getting high ranking of your website.

Google Site Kit Dashboard
Search console, Analytics, Page speed Insights, Adsense all this effective tool on single page of your dashboard, will make analyzing work much more easier then before.

Google site kit
Google Search Console
Site Kit
Page speed Insights

Now there will be no need of downloading different apps to see website traffics or to check indexing status on your website.

Those who have there own WordPress websites “SITE KIT” is right tool for you to grow your online presence because of its easy stats at your dashboard.
If you are a developer and you manage websites of Clients through WordPress , then by using “SITE KIT” you can directly produce report for clients without writing a single line of code.
If you are a plugins and hosting providers then your customers can use Google tools at one place without writing additional source code.
User friendly UI can help your customers to analyze the stats more accurately of the website.
Even “SITE KIT” will inform you whenever you will hit your marked target revenue.
Even it will give you a full picture of how your site is doing in search engine and also you can check the ranking status of specific page in your website.


If you are a WordPress user then go to add new plugin and search “GOOGLE SITE KIT” install it and activate.

After completion of activation process configure it to your website by following below steps
Step 1) Verify Site ownership
Step 2) Allow your site to access your google account data
Step 3) Set up search console.

To know more about Google Site Kit Click Here

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