Give Yourself a Chance

This is my first post Give Yourself a Chance and I’m bubbling with excitement like my cauldron. I am kind of like a witch. I do not do voodoo or black, that’s just so not me. Instead, I do Kokimurasaki haze magic and my feline familiar is a lovely cuddly black handsome kitty called Midnight with golden eyes.

So what is Kokimurasaki haze magic? It’s magic which reveals your inner true self and adds a spark to your life. Rose-tinted was too boring so I upgraded to purple.
I do reiki and colors and crystals are very close to my heart. What really motivates me is working with people and finding ways to heal themselves on their own without any help from external sources.

The first lesson is what the title says “Give Yourself a Chance”

When we tell ourselves we cannot do something, do not do something or cannot acquire something; it ain’t fear. It’s disbelief in our abilities and NOT fear.
I always ask myself does that particular thing deserves my attention. It’s surprising I know but we’ll get there soon.
When I used to get blue in my younger days I used to write it out. I still do now. Maybe it’s a diary entry, an article, letter to self, pure frustrated venting or my favorite, writing stories.
The thing that makes humans really superior to others is their ability to empathize and their ability to imagine.

Imagination is a superpower.

Imagination is a superpower

You are the creator and the God of your own world. Where everyone acts and behaves according to your will. Best superpower in the world. If I hate someone I make that person the villain and make myself the superhero. When something doesn’t go my way, I make a story about what if it happens.
We are not lying we are just creating something where we get what we want and believe me it’s “healthy” and everyone is happy.
Giving yourself a chance actually means to let you enact your fantasies, whims, fancies, wishes or desires by making your own world. Being the God in your world and controlling everything is a wonderful feeling.

What giving yourself a chance actually means is to give yourself a chance to play God.

Your medium of expressions may be different but the story really does matter. A painting showing a hero over a malevolent being might express your victory over a difficult illness or hurdle. A song might express the return of a loved one for whom the poet is waiting.

The basic cause of our frustrations, stress, anger, sadness, fear is caused because we cannot accomplish what we want to or we are not getting what we desire. What if we just give ourselves a chance to experience what we truly desire. We would be in a much better state and our life would be joyful.
Art was created by man for this very purpose. Aren’t we all pieces of art ourselves, fashioned by God with care and imagination.

The Hindutva Dharma is actually based on imagination and metaphors. It’s the very foundation of the principles of the ideology. For example:

The world began from nothing. There was no light and dark. No good and evil. No men and women. NOTHING. So how did we come into being? What was that spiritually celestial energy which brought us into existence? Everything was without shape and God lived through his own breath and energy. Only He existed. God was “nothing”.

In Hindu ideology, the world was created from the splitting up of the “cosmic man” that is Brahma.
They say that the world was created through the dream of Brahma.
The Mahabharata’s Gita is also a metaphor created by imagination to explain the rules of the world to us.

In Christianity,
God created Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. That’s how the human race started in their perspective, right.

Our strengths and weakness both lie in imagination. We need to balance between reality and imagination. If we lose touch with reality, we lose it all. It’s best to be aware and distinguish that our fantasy world is different from reality.
We are all little Gods awaiting enlightenment.
We breathe life into our life. Imagination is the best positive motivation you can ever find and its “healthy”. A thought travels faster than the speed of light. It’s powerful and it can propel us to doom or paradise. A thought causes an immense effect on the universe. More on that later. Bye, Little Gods.

Come with me
And you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look
And you’ll see
Into your imagination
We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in The world of my creation
What we’ll see
Will defy
Josh Groban- Imagination (Willy Wonka)

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