Art of living- Chanakya way

After reading this book I started making daily routine plans, where I ensure that no important work is left unfinished.

I started making daily expense sheet to keep a record of all my expenses so that towards the end of the month, I have visibility of unwanted expenses and to ensure I save more.
This book motivates me to make my life more systematic by planning every basic need of life which is otherwise neglected.

Here are two motivating points of that book:

1. Success is the attitude a person develops

Attitude defines the way you mend of life. Your perspective has an invariable effect on your performance and the way you handle rejections.

2.Create your own path

A multi-millionaire was driving in a deserted region with his wife and son. As they stopped at a petrol pump the Young son was asked to get off the car. The father gave the hotel address to the son and said “Get here. We are going” The boy did not have any money, nor any sense of direction.
However, later, when he was a successful businessman himself, the boy recollected this experience as one of the best business lessons he had ever learned – to find your own path.

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